Hi my name is Madeleine!

I am a holistic health coach and Ayurvedic practitioner
with a passion to share and coach how food, thoughts, mindset, and a healthy life style tailored to your particular biological body type and life style can change your life, well-being, energy, and
not the least, put the SPARKLE back into your life!
I can’t wait to see what it can do for you.

You Don’t Have to be Great to Start,
But You Have to Start to Be Great!  Zig Ziglar


What is YOUR body
trying to tell you?


There are so many ways our bodies tell us they are miserable or not healthy: Allergies, inflammation, digestive power, sluggishness, congestion, skin, liver, hormonal, circulatory or heart issues, insomnia, energy level, head aches, ability to focus,  and many many more. Are you listening to what your body is telling you!

Or are you hoping it will pass, or even just masking it with a medication? Sadly we often have to let it become even stronger and create even more symptoms before we wake up to take action. You better learn to listen to some of the clues your body is sending if you want to achieve better wellbeing!

 “In Ayurveda health is the dynamic state of balance between mind, body, soul, and environment.

Is your body in balance?

What’s the easiest way to start?

Take my test to identify your dosha type (mind-body type). I will then connect with you to help you understand how Ayurveda can help you promote and maintain sparkling wellbeing. Learn the Ayurvedic way to create a life style that truly supports your individual unique nature. After all, it’s been around for more than 5,000 years for a reason!

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Find out your basic nature, and how to live in balance with your particular sets of the 5 elements with my dosha test! Learn to create food, routines and lifestyle habits that support your unique biological blueprint built on Ayurvedica practices that has survived all the fads! Ayurveda means the Science of Life and has been one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health system. I include mind, body. and soul modalities.

“I studied over 100 different diets and ways of eating, but nothing makes more sense to me! It gave me so many aha’s, that I decided to change career and start to teach this! Join me, so I can share my PASSION with you!


Are you confused or overwhelmed with all the conflicting flood of information about our health and food???

For years I was as well! I did what the medical system was telling me, but my health issues didn’t clear up despite medications, and various measures. I got more and more frustrated until I decided to go my own unique way, listening to what my body was telling me, and living in balance with my elements.

We all have different wishes or needs. Mine were:

More energy, detox, strong immune system, trim body getting health issues under control, such as for ex digestive issues, IBS, allergies, thyroid,  hormonal, and viral issues migraines, malabsorption, inflammation, and not the least waking up fully recharged to feeling better, more focused, peaceful and more joyful. YAY!

In my case they all got into balance once I got back into harmony with my elements, and tweaked my food, thoughts, practices and  life style choices (even though I always thought I ate very healthy). And not the least how, when, what,  timing and mindset.

All those minor things have such a BIG influence over our digestive power (agni) and level of wellbeing!

And not the least including nature, yoga,  exercise, organic food, and lots of fresh herbs, fruits, and berries every day in my meals.

In short: a combined mind, body and soul approach!



Transformation starts when you give the body, mind, and soul what it needs to start to heal, and help it stay in a healthy balance.

“Food is medicine, and medicine is food. When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when diet is correct, medicine is of no use” Ayurvedic philosophy


THE RIGHT KIND OF FOOD FOR YOUR UNIQUE BODY TYPE COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING, while the bad food choices could just continue keeping your out of balance!


I want to share what I have learned and studied over all those years, and make it simple to fit your personal life and help you become the best possible version of yourself!

For that reason, I have developed different services to support people for their various needs, goals, and biological types.

Different Programs

In my case it wasn’t done overnight, but step by step, I was seeing
my full health return!

The hardest part was learning and figuring things out in the midst of all over information, and misinformation. 

I supply STEP BY STEP motivation, education, inspiration, accountability, and dedication to pull support you reaching your goals,

I support you on a weekly basis, in a smart, and easy way tailored to your unique biologic blueprint, needs, and goals!

There is no one diet or life style for everybody!  That’s why I never talk about diets, nor dwell on carbs, fats or proteins. but instead listening to your unique body, and what it needs and craves. We are all unique with different needs!

Find out what’s right for you . What makes you feel better?

Please note that this is for educational purposes for healthy living only, and not meant to replace or dismiss medical or other professional advice, therapies or medications. Please read my disclaimer   and always talk to your doctor before you start anything!


Ayurveda focuses on looking at the root cause, and when, how and if you went out of balance with the elements, nature, and environment.

I start with a health discussion and Ayurveda Dosha Test finding out your particular dosha.

In order to live in a healthy balance with the elements we need to include all the parts: mind/body/spirit. What we eat, digest, think, continuously do and don’t do truly matters. 

 .How, what, and when you eat truly matters. Other important factors are, how you take care of your precious body: chakras, energies, emotions, mindset, motivation, mood, movement, stretching, yoga, stress management, mediation, connection to nature, music/soundhealing, and a sound sleep. We are all different and constantly evolving, just like the , seasons, age, environment, weather….

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More about Ayurveda

 Healthy Living doesn’t have to be hard, but it sure helps to have someone to inspire,  educate, motivate, and cheer you on, and hold you ACCOUNTABLE, 
which is why am here!

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