” I am so excited to share my story and hope it can inspire you. In now way am I telling you what to do nor that this will help you. I am just sharing what I did.





I suffered from endometriosis, hyperthyroid, cysts, bad hormonal issues, skin issues, severe digestive issues, IBS, SIBO, constant bloating, diarrhea/very loose stool, liver issues, high cholesterol (despite healthy life style), leaky gut, gluten and dairy intolerance, and lots more that was off in my system. And no matter the elimination diet of dairy, gluten and more or how healthy I ate, I couldn’t quite get it under control, until I started learning from Medical Medium that the root cause behind all this was viruses and strep! Bang! What an aha moment for me! It all fell into place! It made so much sense! Finally an explanation after 30 years of complicated health issues. When I knew what it was I could deal with it in a more efficient way. Sure Ayurveda and  healthy eating with lots of fruits, berries, superfoods, herbs,  greens, and aromatherapy made a BIG difference, but couldn’t quite clear it until Medical Medium and Body Talk finally helped me clear it out and prime my body back into balance again.

I didn’t change my wellbeing overnight, but step by step I took my health back, and today I feel amazing! It was mainly done with holistic nutrition, lots of fruit and berries, herbs, exercise, stress balancing measures, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, and exercise, energy healing, acupuncture and positive visualization.

I bounced around to at least 30 doctors.

Looking back on it, I now understand the pieces of my puzzle, and it makes so much sense, but nobody talked about these issues then. I bounced round to at least 30 doctors through the years, since my 20s, and they wanted me on all kinds of medicines which I felt forced to try, and most only made me a LOT worse! I felt something was deeply wrong! Nobody looked at me as a whole, or what my body needed to function optimally.

The fact that I had lived and traveled in third world countries in Africa and Asia for years  or worked as a tour guide in big parts of Western Europe/India/Nepal since I was a teenager did not help the confusion, but nobody looked at my loads of vaccinations or bugs I picked up along the way.

I understood I had to take a different route, and heal myself the holistic way! This is such a frustrating journey,  and I truly know what so many people are going through. That’s why I am so passionate about inspiring that there is things you can do to take charge!


It took a long time before I figured things out, because of all the misinformation, confusion, and our “matching pill to the ill culture” instead of looking for the root cause. And it was a lot of searching and studying. There is a meaning to everything, and it lead me on the journey of becoming a health coach and study Ayurveda, energy healing, and lots of other holistic topics.

I believe life put me right there for me to study, inspire or figure things out what was right for me or people in my family or surroundings. That’s for sure the best school of learning.

I was told I was never going to get pregnant due to my bad endometriosis,  thyroid, or hormonal issues,  and I was put on hormone treatment with horrendous side effects, which made my life miserable. I only took them for a short time, but that messed up so many things in me! I couldn’t even read and pursue my college classes for that period, as those gave me serious vision disturbances and bad head aches! My weight dropped to less than 100 lbs. I am so happy I refused their treatment and went my own way! Thankfully, I didn’t believe their predictions either. Today, I am blessed with 2 beautiful children.




My thyroid issues also got VERY bad on a few occasions, but instead of radiating, destroying, or medicating my thyroid, I healed it my way. I went off the medications and went the natural way. This was a tough journey as I didn’t know what I know today that it actually was caused by a virus!  I am so grateful I have no thyroid issues today. Today I have learned to stay healthy through prevention and following a holistic life style with Ayurveda.

Amazing results can be achieved by simply using a holistic approach and setting up realistic goals that focus on a more balanced lifestyle and better nutrient rich food. AND getting viruses, heavy metals and other toxins out to give your body the chance to heal itself.  It’s not just about the diet, it’s a whole lot about what you avoid and get out of your body. When I took gluten and dairy out of my life around 15 years ago, long before the gluten free trend, my health truly changed! What a relief! Little did I know that it was feeding the virus in me. Just taking it out made the biggest difference!!! I am forever grateful to the teachings of Medical Medium which has been a game changer for me.

And not the least: tuning in and listening to the clues our bodies are giving us to fulfill our basic needs, being happy, tuned in, safe, loved, motivated, having a sense of purpose, and feeling creative and inspired.

Support from friends, family, community, nature, spirit, and being in connection with our own soul are vital. And not  to forget, the often most important one is to balance your energies to have a healthy mind and body! This one was huge for me, especially since I became a Reiki Master and studied Donna Eden Energy Medicine, and now recently Body Talk.

My motto from Michael Pollen is “If it’s comes from a plant eat it, if it was made in a plant don’t”.



Avoiding processed food is key, and instead favoring the life giving foods. There is so much bad stuff out there in our food, water and air.





It’s not just about the food, but about the whole balance of your body, mind and lifestyle, and living in harmony with the seasons, the elements, the earth, and your particular bio-individual type.




So many of us are not happy with our lives, careers, relationships, finances or are so stressed out so that we turn to food as our medicine. Food becomes the comfort, which leads into emotional eating, weight gain, evil circle of failed diet plans, developing into jojo dieting where we loose and put on the same 20 pounds over and over again.

Turning to food can never solve your emotional issues, it only makes it worse and creates an addiction. General restrictive diets or counting calories are never the solution. They never work, nor will they make you feel truly satisfied.

The solution is listening to your body’s clues and understanding what your body, mind and soul truly needs

What food make you feel/ depleted, drained, energized, satisfied, bloated, constipated or “loose”, unstable blood sugar, moody, unfocused, gain weight, tummy pain, or healthy, toned, balanced, glowing, full of life and energetic? Those are important clues!

That’s where Ayurveda comes in! It takes all that into count, and it really works with many amazing tools. It has been around for more than 5,000 years, so it’s not one of those fad diets. It means science of life, and includes mind, body, spirit, and nutrition, because that is how we humans function. We are all different, and have different combinations of elements in our constitution, which truly affects how our system function. Certain food that are great for your friend, might throw your body off completely.

Say you have lots of fire in your system, then food/drinks containing lots of fire elements such as for ex spicy or acidic food tend to throw your system off balance, especially if it’s in the hot (fire) season of the year.

It’s all about the balance! If you have  too much fire in your constitution, your system can be prone to inflammation or a fiery mind). A big change can be to to instead balance with more cooling food! It’s all very logical, and intuitive, and our innate wisdom already know this, it’s just that our mind might not!
We cannot just isolate the diet and think that we all can eat the same kind of diet, and do well on it! Have you ever thought of why one person is often overheated while another one tends to feel cold, or why one person can easily digest several courses of meals while another barely can eat a salad? Or why one person thrives on cold food, while others feel lousy on it? Well, Ayurveda has taught this for over 5,000 years, and it makes so much sense.

Could some of this help you?

I am not a doctor so this information is not for diagnosing nor telling you what to do,  instead I support you with holistic information about whole food, herbs, aromatherapy, exercise, yoga, Ayurveda, energy medicine and many mind tools for your needs.

I know how you feel! I have been there, and know how hard it can be. But I also know how what you eat, do, or don’t changes a lot”

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Back to the roots, nature, and the old wisdom!

I have a broad international background fluent in several languages as I lived/worked in various countries on four different continents. This opened my eyes to different lifestyles, and I learned to see the good in all different cultures and lifestyles.

These cultures all eat differently, and there is not only one way of doing things. Every food culture and life style is a genius system inherited from their ancestors – built on experience, ancestry, religious and cultural practices, climate, geography, indigenous plants/food sources, lifestyle, age and of course bio-individuality.

Our ancient food culture was based on eating in harmony with what nature provided for the season in that particular region and climate. As simple as that!

No processed food loaded with additives, coloring, artificial ingredients or pesticides heated up in the microwave or taken on the run. Hardly any pollutants poisoning our air, earth or water supply by passing it on to us one way or another. This is seriously messing with our systems, causing our livers and other organs to be overloaded.

This ancient wisdom is getting lost in the favor of convenience, time constraints, business interests and globalization. We no longer have time to listen to our bodies or our internal inherited wisdom. In worst case we grab a sandwich at a fast food place while talking on the phone, and driving a child to soccer practice.

Having seen and lived in all these different places I was exposed to the different lifestyles and food cultures and learned how well the traditional way of eating really works.

The westernized food culture is spreading all over the world, and with it comes an ever increasing growth of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and various other inflammatory and digestive problems. The message is clear – we were not meant to be living and eating this way.

So how can we get out of this trap? That is my passion! I want to be the change in the world, inspiring one person at a time. And together we can create a ripple effect!  Contact me for an initial complementary talk